How it works

How it works

Collection & Delivery Option

No more time wasted in garages.

Select a service
1. Select a service

Pick up
2. Pick up

If you desire, the garage can collect the car at your home, at work or in a place of your choice.

3. Relax

Work, rest or do anything you like while our specialized and skilled mechanics perform the maintence your car needs.

4. Return

Pay online and have your car returned quickly and comfortably after first quality service.

Now your car can go to the garage on its own!

Get Quote
No more hassles.

IZIRepair is here to make the maintenance of your car easier and help you save money in the process.

You no longer need to worry about getting in touch with the garage or negotiating quotes for your car maintenance services.

The quotes we present at our site prevent unpleasant surprises in the final invoice for mechanical services executed.


The service will be performed by one of the partner garages that have been previously evaluated, not only by IZIRepair, but also by its previous customers.

It is mandatory for the garage to refer to the official maintenance program of the manufacturer, making sure that all aditional items are checked.

All quotes are based upon original spare parts or with equivalent quality that have been approved by the car manufacturers.

Should further work be required, the garage will only perform it after obtaining explicit authorization from the car owner.


All services performed are covered by warranty as the law obliges.

When the garage completes the service, IZIRepair issues the payment details so that the customer may pay it at his/her earliest convenience, making the car ready to be returned.